Memorials and Markers

The Cemetery’s management must approve all memorial designs in advance and specific restrictions may apply to the types of memorials permitted in different sections of the Cemetery. In addition, certain fees related to installation and care are payable to the Cemetery on all memorials installed in Rock Creek. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment to meet with one of our sales staff, please call 202.726.2080.

Types of Memorials

The two most popular memorials are granite monuments and bronze or granite markers. Most monuments are upright and set on a stone base; some have slanted faces. Most markers lay flat at the surface of the ground, but some, called bevel markers, are raised at the back. Other unique memorials include various styles of crosses, statuary, benches, etc.

Types of Materials

Markers are generally made of bronze, granite or marble. Monuments are available in granite and marble. Granite is usually obtained from either Georgia or Vermont with cost and slight quality differences between the two sources. Marble memorials, which are somewhat less durable than granite, are also obtained from Georgia, with current production times considerably longer than for granite memorials.


Prices* depend on material, size, design, etc.

  • Granite/Bronze Markers range between $1300 and $3800
  • Installation/care fees of $1.85 per square inch of surface
  • Monuments start at $3500
  • Foundation/care fees of $1.85 per square inch of base

Factors influencing the price of granite memorials include source, color, size, polished surfaces, inscriptions, and carvings. For example, variables that increase costs can be the choice of pink or black granite over gray-colored granite or the choice of more polished sides of a memorial. In addition, the price of granite from Vermont is more than granite from Georgia.

*Prices may change without prior notice.

From Design to Installation

The time between designing and installing a memorial can vary considerably, depending on the type of memorial and other factors. Generally, creating a memorial involves four steps.

  1. Design and Contract: The design and specifications for the memorial are discussed and agreed upon. Our knowledgeable Cemetery sales staff is available to answer questions; and brochures, books, and other reference materials showing various designs can be obtained from the Cemetery office. It is also possible to order a duplication of a memorial existing in the cemetery. A signed contract, accompanied by a fifty percent deposit, confirms the details of the agreement.
  2. Drawings and Approval: A detailed drawing of the memorial is prepared and sent to the customer for approval of spelling, dates, and layout. Drawings are usually received in about four weeks. For monuments and memorials, the remaining balance is paid when drawings are approved.
  3. Production and Delivery: Once the drawing is approved and returned, memorial production begins. Typical production and delivery times are: 8-10 weeks for bronze markers, and 8-10 months for granite markers and monuments. Black granite may take longer. Drawings, production, and delivery of marble memorials have recently taken 12 months or more unless ordered from Rock Creek inventory.
  4. Installation: Typically, installation occurs within two weeks of delivery. Cemetery personnel install markers while an outside stonemason contracted by the Cemetery installs monuments.

Time Estimates

Timetables associated with memorials designed and ordered from manufacturers to meet specific customer requirements are estimates only —memorials may arrive sooner or later than normal. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Typical delays involve holiday slowdowns, manufacturer workloads, customer changes, and inclement weather (e.g., installation delays due to snow or rain).

Ordering from Inventory

Memorials purchased from the Cemetery’s inventory can be inscribed by a locally contracted stonemason, which may reduce total production time.

Adding Inscriptions

The Cemetery can arrange for inscriptions (such as names or dates) to be added to existing memorials. Current charges for standard inscriptions are $275, plus $15/character. Some specialized lettering may cost more. Once inscription authorization and payment are received, a rubbing of the existing inscription is made for the stonemason. The average time to complete inscriptions is 14 to 16 weeks, weather permitting.