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Rock Creek Cemetery’s park-like setting is graced with beautiful sculptures, mausoleums, monuments, and markers, many of which are the works of famous artisans and landscape architects.

Among the most visited is the evocative, cloaked bronze sculpture crafted by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Stanford White for Marian Hooper, “Clover” Adams and her husband, Henry Adams. Although the sculpture is known colloquially as Grief, its true name is The Mystery of the Hereafter and the Peace of God that Passeth Understanding.

Also of note are the Hitt, Hardon, Kauffman, Keep and Thompon-Harding monuments, and the Heurich and Sherwood mausoleums.

Noteworthy Sculptors

  • Gutzon Borglum, Rabboni-Ffoulke Memorial, 1909
  • James Earle Fraser, Frederick Keep Monument, 1920
  • Lauran Gardin Fraser, Hitt Memorial, 1931
  • William Ordway Partridge, Kauffman Memorial 1897 (also known as Seven Ages and Memory)
  • Brenda Putnam, Simon Memorial, 1917
  • Vinnie ReamEdwin B. Hay Monument, 1906
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Adams Memorial, 1890
  • Mary Washburn, Waite Memorial, 1908
  • Adolph Alexander Weinman, Spencer Memorial, 1919

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